How Much Of The World Have You Seen?

by Stephanie Walsh · 8 comments

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How Much Of The World Have You Seen?

Travelers, especially those RTWer’s that love to hop from country to country within a few days, love to show off talk about all the countries they’ve visited…and, naturally, if you have visited your fair share of countries, it’s very addictive to see the numbers add up!

While trying to find out how much of the world the ‘average’ person sees, I found this cool app, that allows you to mark, on a map, all the countries you’ve visited and therefore get your own personal percentage of world domination. I didn’t find an answer to my original question, but I had fun figuring out my own percentage.

Although I’m not someone who travels to places just so I can list them off in this exact type of thing, it was fun to see exactly how much of the world I still haven’t explored, and to see visually represented, the countries I was already lucky enough to visit.

So, according to TravBuddy, the percentage of the world that I have seen so far in my life is 12%. Not bad, but a bit lower than I expected. I guess it’s very easy to forget how huge the world is.

Seeing as I didn’t get an answer to my question, I thought it would be fun to ask the readers of this blog….what percentage of the world have you seen?

Of course, the majority of the readers of this blog are very well traveled and spend most of their money on their passion for travel, so naturally the results will be very skewed, compared to the ‘average’ person (whatever that is), but let’s see who has the highest number!

Oh and Graham Hughes, if you are reading this, you’re not allowed take part…we all know you’re number is 100%!