30 Beautiful Photos Of Cartagena To Inspire You To Visit Colombia

by Stephanie Walsh · 35 comments

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Cartagena Colombia

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Cartagena is one of the most beautiful cities I’ve ever been to. The colours, sounds and atmosphere never cease to make me swoon and it was no different this summer, on my second visit to this coastal Caribbean city in the north of Colombia.

I had the honour of attending a Colombian wedding in Cartagena, for our friends. The wedding was amazing, the best I’ve ever been to, and the entire week there was one of the most memorable and fun experiences I’ve had in Colombia. There were lots of street parties, beach parties, dancing all kinds of Colombian dances, drinking cheap rum, laughing a lot, eating amazing ice-cream, throwing the bride in the air, throwing the groom in the pool and acting like kids on a gorgeous island (yes, fabulous darling!). Oh how I love Colombia and the more time I spend away from there, the more I realize why everyone loves Colombia!

Anyway, I’ve written about Cartagena in more detail before, so I’ll spare the words this time and let the photos do the talking. Enjoy!

Beautiful 'Palenquera' in Cartagena, Colombia

Beautiful 'Palenquera' in Cartagena representing the colours of Colombia.

Streets of Cartagena, Colombia

Streets of Cartagena

Cartagena, Colombia in the sun

Cartagena in the sun

Main plaza, Cartagena, Colombia

One of the main plazas in Cartagena

Fruit juice on the street in Cartagena, Colombia

Fresh 'orage' juice available!

The colors of the tropic in Cartagena, Colombia

The colours of the tropic

Beautiful flowers in Cartagena, Colombia

Underneath the shade of the flowers

Bright paint and flowers in Cartagena, Colombia

Bright paint and flowers

Colorful building in Cartagena, Colombia

Andres outside another lovely building in Cartagena

Colorful streets of Cartagena

Me in one of the many colourful streets of Cartagena

Beautiful colorful street in Cartagena, Colombia

I want to live on this street!

Fresh fruit on the street in Cartagena Colombia

Fresh fruit and veg for sale!

Fruit vendors in Cartagena, Colombia

Selling fruit through the window

Beautiful street in Cartagena, Colombia

Loved this little house!

Street in Cartagena, Colombia

Typical street scene

Street food stalls in Cartagena, Colombia

Selling lemons and limes on the street (and getting shouted at for taking a photo).

Food stall in Cartagena, Colombia

Selling coconuts or Doritos?

Vendors in Cartagena, Colombia

I don't think he needs another hat.

Beautiful plaza in Cartagena, Colombia

Another beautiful plaza in Cartagena

Bronze statue in square, Cartagena, Colombia

Statues decorate the squares.

Local girl in Cartagena, Colombia

Local girl playing with the pigeons in the plaza.

Ice Cream in Cartagena, Colombia

Amazing ice cream shop! Anyone tried 'corozo' flavored ice-cream?

Ice Cream store in Cartagena, Colombia

Orange cookies, chocolate chip and coconut cookies! Mmm!

Steph and Andres - DiscoveringIce in Cartagena Colombia

Andres and me again!

Local men chatting in Cartagena, Colombia

Local banter

Night in Cartagena, Colombia

Gorgeous street on the way to our hostel, at night.

Steph and Andres - DiscoveringIce in Cartagena Colombia

Andres and me in Cartagena

Beautiful sunset at the wall in Cartagena, Colombia

Enjoying the sunset light

Families silhouetted against the sunset in Cartagena, Colombia

Families silhouetted against the sunset in Cartagena

Sunset in Cartagena, Colombia

The best sunset of the week!

Have you ever been to Cartagena? If not, I hope my photos have helped to convince you to visit! It really is very beautiful!