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Over the past few weeks I’ve been using a new travel towel while I’m here visiting California. I’ve been testing the antibacterial microfibre bamboo travel towel by Trespass and I’ve been very impressed. As someone with no fixed base, a ‘digital nomad’ if you will, I’m always looking for products that are practical, lightweight/compact, and durable, as there’s a limited amount of stuff that I can bring to a new country or city. I don’t want to use something that doesn’t fit these three criteria, but this towel definitely hits the mark, so I’ve permanently added it to my backpacking list.

So with those requirements in mind, I give this travel towel the following rating:

  • Practicality – 5/5
  • Lightweight/Compact – 5/5
  • Durability – 4/5

Check out my more in-depth review of the bamboo travel towel below:

A Travel Towel That Doesn’t Smell!

Trespass Antibacterial Bamboo Travel Towel 3

Praise the lawd! Smelly travel towels are the bane of every long-term travellers existence. No one wants to be that traveler that takes their travel towel out of their backpack in a hostel dorm only to stink everyone out of it. The Trespass Bamboo Travel Towel has a natural anti-bacterial protection due to its natural bamboo fibres, which make a huge difference when it comes to odours.

I used this towel for a good two weeks without washing it (haters gonna hate), and it still didn’t smell. Granted I’ve always had time to allow it to dry fully, as I haven’t had to stuff it back into a backpack before it was dry. I’ll update this post when I’ve been able to do experience that.

The last travel towel brand I used before this was a REI travel towel, which was so smelly after just two or three uses. I could never fully get the smell out of it once it caught an odour.

A Travel Towel That Actually Feels Like A Towel…WUT?

These towels are SOFT! This is an amazing benefit, and something so appreciated by travelers, especially when you’ve been traveling for a long period time with sandpaper-like towels. Us backpackers don’t often treat ourselves so it’s nice to feel a little bot of luxury when drying yourself in a soft towel in a hostel. This can’t be overstated as being the best thing ever!

Trespass Antibacterial Bamboo Travel Towel 4

A Travel Towel That’s Quick Drying and Lightweight

This towel dries relatively quickly. Like most travel towels, it’s very absorbent so it doesn’t really feel very damp, even after completely drying your body. Within a few hours of it being hung out, it’ll be completely dry. It’s also very lightweight, even when wet, so it’ll take up minimal weight and space in your backpack, weighing only 280g and measuring 60cm x 120cm, meaning it folds down very small.

Other Details

The Trespass Bamboo Travel Towels also comes in a few different colours, but my brightly coloured green one should definitely help me to remember to pack it when leaving a hostel, unlike my last travel towel, forever alone in a cozy hostel on Chiloe Island in the south of Chile.

The Trespass Bamboo Sports Towel measures 60cm x 120cm, large enough to be used as a bath and beach towel, and it comes with a storage pouch with a mesh panel to help the towel dry quickly and prevent odours and mould.

Trespass Antibacterial Bamboo Travel Towel

Get yours at SilverFox Travel and Outdoors online retailers in the UK.

Let me know if you’d like to see me review more travel gear!


Thank you to the kind folks at for providing me with this towel to review. I’ve spent well over 3 months testing this product out before writing this review, so you can rest assured that all my opinions on this product are honest and thoroughly tested.

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Nice article, thanks for your review


2 Nickola January 2, 2019 at 3:03 pm

That’s a nice looking towel and if it can be used a travel towel its even better thanks for sharing this will give it a try when I m going to Turkey